Oliver Cromwell

The part of Cromwell will be played by Simon Clay.  Simon is remembered for his superb portrayal of Judas in  Jesus Christ Superstar.  He has played both heroes and villains  in many musicals including Godspell, Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Joan of Arc a musical,  The Hired Man, The Happy Prince and Lost - The Musical. He also sings in original blues band The South Side.

Elizabeth Cromwell

The part of Ellizabeth Cromwell is played by Sarah Coope who thrilled audiences in 2010 and 2011 with her portrayal of Joan of Arc 

Sarah  is both a talented singer and actor. Sarah developed her skills while at Cambridge and has performed at the National Portrait Gallery in a Shakespeare medley, is the lead singer with a jazz/acoustic band. She starred in 'The Hot Mikado' (Katisha), 'Merrily We Roll Along' (Beth) and 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses' (Merteuil).

Charles I           Peter Keenan

Miss Cleveland              Alkka Stevenson

Queen Henrietta  Maria.     Claire Stretton

Isabella            Michelle Chirenda

William Starkey              Anton John

Supporting Cast

Soldiers                  Pirates                                      Highwaymen

Cuthbert                Seaman Jones                          James Hind                              Matt Sears           

Baildon                  Seaman Stocks                         Claude Du Vall                          Louis O’Brien

3                            Captain Morgan                          Allan                                          Phillip Sheahan

4                            Seaman Jacobs                         Nevison                                     Dave Sheppard                  

5                            Seaman Dodds                          John Cottington                         David Haylor     

6                            Seaman Wiggins                        Beckett                                      John McCullough


Priest / Speaker in Parliament / Cromwells Clerk.  Dave Chapman


Lord Fairfax                                                                                                                Martin Webb

John Pym                                                                                                                   James Valentine

John Milton                                                                                                                 Simon Atkins

Thomas Grey                                                                                                             Jean-Paul Faiers

John Danvers                                                                                                             Steve Andrews

John Hampden                                                                                                           Mike Jones


The Living Word Ministry Gospel Choir - Slough.   

Ashleigh Bajbiieee, Simon Johnson, Shola Johnson, Kwesi Badu,  Debra Olufowobi,  Emmanuel Oyedeji, Moturayo Oyedji,        Linnett Badu, Ashleigh Annan

Charles II                                                                                                                    Hugh Dickenson

John Thurloe                                                                                                              Jean-Paul Faiers

Mother Maberley                                                                                                        Claire Stretton


Queens children, Cromwells children Inn kids / pot boys / market kids                    Emily Jane Rutland (solo), Misfitz


Robert                                                                                                                         Connor Keating

Young Charles II                                                                                                         Cameron Goodman


Courtiers / guests             Religious choir                    Inn / Market people       

Valerie Anderson, , LJ Stocks,  Jacob Jones, Kirsty Blake, Matt Sears, Samantha Britton, Diane Haylor, Ellen Webb, Stephanie Webb, Irene Warnock, Chloe Webb, Tineshia John, Heddi Oldman, Sarah MordauntGemma Horn, Lallie Laverty, Janine Britton, Carina Herbert, Hollie Keen, Daniel Dix (pot boys Solo)

Irish Commander                                                                                                          TBC

Assassin                                                                                                                       TBC

Impressario                                                                                                                   Jean-Paul Faiers

Shakespeare actor 1                                                                                                     Matt Sears

Shakespeare actor 2                                                                                                     Mike Jones


Coachman / voice off stage                                                                                          TBC

Stage Managers -                                       Jack  Slade and Paul Binney – in costume