Bucks Free Press - Sandra Carter   "They can be congratulated on a very successful musical"  More

Audience Reactions:

Congratulations - I'm honestly in awe of the amount of effort & skill that must have gone in to the show!  It was really good.  Well done to all!   David Corcoran

Saw this today and loved it . . . Like Joan of Arc  a Musical this really deserves a wider audience such talented actors and writers "  Sally Slade

I thought the tunes were real 'ear worms' and the gospel song in Act One with the 'slaves' was particularly powerful-as most of the tunes were. It was awesome at the opening with the red and silver, the beautiful costumes and the marvelous lighting in that atmospheric courtyard theatre. So, well done for bringing to life some moments in history so vividly.  And well done to all involved: instrumentalists, cast, crew and organisers. A great achievement. Congratulations.   Martin Coslett

 ‘Well done all, what an amazing bunch of talented people…..it was wonderful and I loved it…’. Irene Warnock

 ‘Well, well, well that was extraordinary – absolutely brilliant.  Well done  and congratulations to you all….’ Ross and Yvonne Richmond

 Thanks for Cromwell – it was excellent    Rayner, Richard

 Well done everybody - smashing show! Thank you!   RT Standbridge

A really good show – my party were unanimous in their praise – the music and book, of course, but particularly the strength in depth of the well-directed cast. Where do you find all these talented performers? The costumes added greatly to the impact - one of the best pieces of musical theatre I have seen in the area for years.  Felicity Norrie

Congratulations to Mark Rogers Britton, Bob Davis and their talented cast and crew on another cracking community show. Just not sure I'll feel quite the same about living in Cromwell Road now!!"  Soobie Whitfield

What a fantastic evening spent watching some very talented people in 'The Curse of Cromwell'. Brilliant production as always!"   Sarah Warnock

Congratulations on last night's performance of 'The Curse of Cromwell'.   You have clearly put a lot of hard work into writing and producing this show. It was well received by the audience and we enjoyed it!   Elaine Hathrill

Wow! what an amazing production. Once again a fantastic talented cast and crew backed by memorable music and lyrics. The kids from Misfitz Performing Arts worked their magic again! This production left me wanting more. So sorry for all that missed it. Well done all.  Trent Rutland

I just wanted to say how much Jane and I enjoyed last night. You must be very pleased and proud at such a great show and performance – well done!  A lot of hard work had obviously gone in to it all and I do hope that you have found it just as rewarding as we, the audience, found it enjoyable.  I hope that the after show party went with a bang!  Peter Sloan

Well, you've done it again Bob and Mark!  Many congratulations.  It was a great show and the culmination of months of such a lot of hard work.  I thoroughly enjoyed it  Great evening!  Thanks!   Myf Adams

We both absolutely loved it, a very enjoyable experience. one of your 'roundhead' MPs has a wonderful voice, both speaking and singing, also Alkka Stevenson, not only really striking to look at but very powerful voice and talented. Also loved the local research both in the programme but also in the musical. Very enjoyable, Thanks. Nigel Eagling

Really enjoyed the show last night. Just as with Joan of Arc a Musical we have been entertained and educated. What a wonderful way to  tell history. A talented cast who always look like they enjoy the show as much as we.  Christine O'Brien

Well done to everybody. All of you were really good. Great way to spend an evening. Jacob Standbridge

We went to see this tonight and it was fantastic well done to you all especially fabulous Alkka Stevenson and her team from Misfitz.  Job well done!  Nicky Chivers

My spies say it was a terrific show.  Well done!  Sorry I couldn't make it.  Andrew Lloyd Webber

Brilliant Cromwell ….not the Man with the Plan, but the performance!!  Well done – I was there last night and thought it was great. It was a great representation of a bit of history I didn’t know much about and am inspired to Google it.  All the performances were very well done and the singing was brilliant - and all the actors and choreography and story line and costumes.  My favourite scene was when the three lead women sang together – very moving and beautifully sung and acted/presented.  This followed by the Crowell/Elizabeth letter scene.  But also all the scenes were great.  I also thought James Valentine  with the deep voice was a joy, every time he opened his mouth!  Wasn’t he ‘God’ in Joan of Arc?   Tony Baron

 Well done – I was there last night and thought it was great.  AR